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ILC Funding Announcement.jpg
Funding Announcement for ILC Movement. From left to right: Henry Enns, Hon. Jake Epp, Allan Simpson.

CCD Logo.jpg
Present day logo for the Council for Canadians with Disabilities (CCD), formerly known as the Coalition of Provincial Organizations of the Handicapped (COPOH).

DPI Logo.png
Logo for Disabled Peoples’ International.

Enns VS Request Form.pdf
Henry Enns submitted this job description for a Community Development Officer to the Mennonite Central Committee’s Volunteer Service program. Diane Driedger would take up the position and provide invaluable work to the new DPI organization.

DPI Banner.jpg
Original banner logo for DPI, from the header of a 1982 document.

MCC Logo.jpg
Present day logo for the Mennonite Central Committee.

ILC Philosophy.pdf
A diagram of the Independent Living Centre (and Movement) philosophy, submitted as part of a proposal to Health and Welfare Canada in March 1984.

DPI Incorporation.pdf
DPI Certificate of Incorporation in Canada, 1981

HCK Modern Logo.jpg
Present day logo for the Funktionsrätt Sverige [Swedish Disability Rights Federation], formerly the Handicappförbundens centralkommitté (HCK) from 1972 through 1993.

Henry Enns 1988.jpeg
Henry Enns in 1988
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